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Especially valuable for Health Care professionals that are
interested in medical specialties, WordMgr2010 includes
SuperMed SPID, 140,000 Medical words and terms.  This
is a combination of all Medical SPIDS including SNOMED.

The SuperMed SPID can also be used to customize the MS
Word Dictionary for Medical Terms.  

If you find it frustrating that the default Microsoft Word
dictionary doesn't recognize the medical terms you write
every day, there's a simple way to make the spell check
work for your specific needs.  Just customize the Word
dictionary so that the default dictionary points to the
SuperMed SPID.      

Features and

—Full Featured Dictionary Management Tool
—Includes all Special Interest Dictionaries Plus Super Med
—Backup and Export User Dictionary words

This is the #1 way to improve handwriting recognition

-Saves time, WordMgr2011 adds thousands of words at
one time, eliminates the need to continually add words
with the Tablet Input Panel.  
-Handwriting tests conducted with physicians have
demonstrated an increase in recognition accuracy from
64% to 95% by using abletDictionaryMgr and the Medical

WordMgr2011 and the Medical SPID
- Add/Edit/Delete words to Tablet User Dictionary
-Works with Tablet OS Dictionary, not a third-party
-Saves time with easy-to-use interface
-No manual text entry, fully automated process
-Merge words from MS Office SpellCheck to Tablet
-Includes 1,000,000 words in 30 different Special Interest
Dictionaries (SPIDs) e.g. Medical, Drugs, Legal, Education
subjects, Foreign Languages.  

SuperMed SPID is a consolidated SPID that includes all
medical terms, words, drugs, SNOMED, etc.  It includes
over 90,000 words and is only available as part of the
WordMgr2010 Bundle.