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OneNote ExpressEMR 2011

-Keep track of medical
information, charts, publish to a
patient portal and integrate
data from a Practice
Management System (PMS).  

-Includes over 75 templates
and forms.  If you prefer to use
your own forms, quick and easy
instructions are included to let
you convert any form to be
used with the system.
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WordMgr 2011  

-Easy to use tool for adding,
deleting and editing words to
the Tablet OS dictionary.  
This is
the #1 way to improve
handwriting and speech
recognition accuracy.
-Saves time, WordMgr2011
adds thousands of words at
one time..
-Handwriting tests conducted
with physicians have
demonstrated an increase in
recognition accuracy from 64%
to 97%.
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Blood Pressure Pro  

Medical, Blood Pressure monitor
and logging app.  Charts daily
BP readings. Email readings to
physician. Hypertension
Monitoring. Used by physicians,
nurses, PAs, NPs, medical
students, nursing students and
SmartPhone App Gallery  -A listing
of SmartPhone Apps for
Physicians, Nurses, Med

-Customize and create your
own Private Label Smartphone
Apps.   Detatils (TBD)